20151206_135530So, for a while I have been debating doing something like this but never quite got the courage. I have always enjoyed writing and attempting to explore my creative side but always thought it was lacking. So why now? Why, create a blog now? Simple. I am now a Mommy. Since becoming a Mom on June 4th, 2015 I have realized that I am good enough and I shouldn’t let my fears and insecurities hold me back but instead I want to start embracing them for the better and using them to my advantage. Now I have to warn you – I may not be the best at grammar – so expect some mess ups – but I will do my best. Some commas or whatnot may escape me. On the upside – I am a true believe of the ever handy but sometimes irritating – spellcheck!

Now to explain the true purpose of creating, Days of Jace, is to simply document my little world growing up. Life moves way too fast and I am doing my best to live and bask in the beauty that is my son but with my blog I hope to be able to hold onto the memories a little better. I am a beginner photographer, just received my first DSLR camera (Canon Rebel T5) on 12/19/15, (SO EXCITING!) and as I am sure you can guess, my practice subject will primarily be Jace. I plan to share with you us creating memories, exploring new places, and maybe even a few Pinterest wins (and the fails as well.)

Jace is already 6 months old but I do plan on taking a few trips down memory lane and sharing the memories we have already created.

Hope you enjoy, Days of Jace. I know I have 🙂


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