The Right Now

Do you ever find yourself thinking about,”Oh I cant wait until my little one can sit up?” “Oh, I cant wait until he can crawl.” Or, “Oh I cant wait until he can walk?”

I know I do. But I want to always remember to just stay in the now.

A little background on how this came up, other that the fact that time is flying by way to fast and I just realized that Jace will be 7 months on Monday. I work in Labor and Delivery and I was talking to one of the NICU parents and they mentioned that they also had a teenager. He was talking about how with his first he was always so excited about what his baby will be able to do next. But with this one, all he is thinking about is the right now. What can my baby do right now?

As a new Mom, whose tear-ducts are still on red alert and will cry at any change of emotion, good or bad, got teary eyed because it is so true. I always talk about how I cant wait until Jace can crawl or whatever the next milestone is on the list. He is getting so close. But I want to start focusing even more at what he is doing right now. Time is going by way too fast and my once, chicken legged newborn is now a chunky thighed infant.

So I just wanted to take a moment to remind you and myself to appreciate what your baby can do right now. Or even your child or teenager. Just remember that time goes by too fast to only think about the future. Live in the present and appreciate what they are doing now. Your baby only the does things for the first time once, so don’t miss the joy of it because you’re thinking about what they will be able to do soon.

Today, I am so happy and excited to see Jace perfecting sitting up and grabbing toys. He is currently learning that if both his hands are full he cant quite grab another toy. Its so cute to watch his determination. Oh, and he took his first big boy bath last night. I love everyday I get with my little guy and hope I am there to see all of his firsts.

What is your child learning to do right now?


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