The best day.

The best day of my life is when I gave birth to Jace. I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant so I had a scheduled induction.

> rewind 3 days before that.

We had yet another doctors appointment to see if anything was progressing. I remember sitting on the bed in the silly gown that I had to put on every appointment anxiously waiting for the doctor to come in. Brandon and I were practicing how I was going to make sure I got an induction scheduled if I hadn’t dilated any more as I could not take another day being pregnant. Not only was I just done – I had a huge fear of going to 41 weeks.

Finally, there was a knock on the door and in comes my doctor. She asks the usual questions, “Having any contractions?”and I responded with the same answer that I had for the same week or so, “Not really, just some braxtons.” Then came the time for her to check for dilation. I remember imagining in my head her saying, “oh wow, your 5cm, its time to head to L&D.” But no, the response I got was, “You’re still at a 1.”

I felt so deflated and like I was never going to have my baby and that I would be fat and pregnant with aching ribs for the rest of my life. Yes, I know a little dramatic – I blame it on the hormones. Anyways, she tried to tell me that she thinks if I wait that she believes I would go into labor myself. But I couldn’t wait. I wasn’t sleeping from the pregnancy and I was tired of being sick everyday. My pregnancy didn’t get the memo that morning sickness should only be in the morning and only last the 1st trimester. So I asked about the pros and cons on waiting verses induction. In the end I felt that waiting would be more dangerous that just inducing.

>Forward to the night of June 3rd.

You need to sleep. Tonight is your last child free night so you need to get all the sleep you can get. HA! Funny, I got no sleep that night. I was way too excited that I would finally get to meet my son the next day. In addition to that – I was scared shitless at the idea of giving birth. Since Jace is my first baby I had no clue what to expect and what contractions would feel like. Finally, 3:30 am rolled around and off goes my alarm. I layed in bed for a moment, thinking alright this is it. This is the first moment of my new life. So, up I got and started getting ready. When there was about 20 minutes left I woke up Brandon to start getting ready and to pack up our bags into the car.

Before we left we took a photo to document my belly since this would be the last time. The drive to the hospital felt like it was taking forever. I remember us talking about how life would be and how the next time we drove in this car there would actually be a baby in this car seat we have been driving with for a month. Finally, we arrived to the hospital. Walking in and up to L&D felt so unreal. Half of me wanted to turn back because I didn’t want to be in pain and the other half wanted to run in and get this over with already so I could meet Jace.

The nurses got me settled into my room and I was dressed in the dreaded hospital gown. They got me hooked up to my IV and explained the process to me. I was warned that since this was my first baby and that I was being induced that it could take over 24 hours before I have him. (AHH that sounds horrible.) Then at about 7am my doctor came into break my water. Let me tell you, that is a weird feeling. Much warmer than I was expecting haha.  After my water broke my contractions started getting a little intense but nothing  I couldn’t handle. After a couple hours they checked me again and I think I only progressed like 2 cm. Since I was induced the baby and I had to stay hooked to the monitors to make sure our vitals and everything stayed where they should so I wasn’t able to walk around at all but I was able to bounce on an exercise ball. So I did that for a while. Then I got back in the bed for a while.

The nurse came in and asked if I was ready for an epidural. I remember asking how long they lasted as I didn’t want it to wear off before actual labor. She assured be that it wouldn’t wear off. So after about 5 hours I went ahead and got my epidural. From there on out I didn’t feel a thing except for 1 area on my back. After you get an epidural you are supposed to lay on each side for a little while so that it can spread throughout your body. Unfortunately when I would lay on my right, Jace’s vitals would drop. My nurse tried having me go in different positions and even stuck a giant peanut shaped exercise ball between my legs, in hopes that it would help Jace. I still couldn’t lay on my right so she had to flip me again. She had to completely do it herself as I was totally numb. It was the strangest feeling when she lied me on my back, I felt as if I was floating since I couldn’t feel the bed beneath me. In the end she was able to get Jace’s vitals back where she wanted them so we waited a few more hours.

After a total of 10 hours I was finally fully dilated and ready to push! I remember the movie, Alexander and the no good terrible day, was playing. Why we chose that movie I have no idea. The curtains were fully open for some reason and it was still bright outside as it was before 5pm. For some reason I found that to be the oddest thing. The nurse laughed when I mentioned how weird it was that the sun was out. For some reason I always imagined it being dark out.

Then then nurse mention the we needed to get going and start pushing as it seemed like the cord may be wrapped around Jace’s neck. That instantly made me panic and start crying. The nurse told me that everything should be okay but she just wanted me to be prepared in case anything happened. So, the pushing began. As my baby was born with a head full of hair that was the first thing that they saw. My husband leaned over and out his mouth came, “Wow! That is not what I was expecting!” From there the tension in the room broke and I started laughing. Leave it to him to always make me feel better and laugh. Then continued the pushing.Through out it my mom kept having to sit down as she was crying over the fact that her baby was having a baby. She was so excited to meet the newest grand-baby. I on the other hand had to keep focused as I kept imagining that I looked like a monkey as I pushed. Only I would laugh through labor.

Then finally after only 35 minutes of pushing they set something on my chest. At first I had no idea what it was as it happened so fast. Then it turned its head and these piercing blue eyes looked right in mine and I realized it was my baby. My Jace. We just stared at each other for a while as my doctor finished up the last few steps. I finally managed to look away with tears in my eyes towards my husband who was staring back at us in awe of our beautiful son.

My son and I did skin-to-skin for the first hour and attempting breastfeeding, which was more difficult than I though it would be. But, to be honest, the next couple hours was a bit of a blur, of them testing our vitals and some family visiting to being transferred to postpartum. After a 24 hour stay we were able to bring our blue eyed baby home to begin the next chapter in our lives.

**Its about time I get this posted – I typed this up over a year ago and finally finished the last paragraph tonight. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 **





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